While I am not exhibiting at SDCC, I am attending Fri-Sun. Just in case anybody is interested in saying "hello" and maybe twisting my arm for a quick sketch, you will at least be able to find me in one place for sure- I will be attending the Legend of Korra panel in room 6BCF at 4PM on Saturday. Look for my gleaming scalp in the front row.

Enjoy the show!


meefoonay said...

I can see it from here! (Currently in RI.)


Zac Dozier said...

Josh- Did you do any work for Korra, or are you just an Avatar fan too?

Sidenote, I just ordered the art book for the previous show last night.

I'd love to see more cartoons like this out there.

Your own SBB would make a beautiful looking and fun cartoon.

Unknown said...
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Alisa Christopher said...

If you've got time, AvatarSpirit is hosting a fan panel on Saturday, 11-12 in the Santa Rosa Room at the con.

The Korra print looks fabulous btw, I'd try and get one in a heartbeat if I were in attendance.

the JoeL said...

hey josh... i met you at SDCC several years ago and picked up several your prints... i wish you were exhibiting again... your work is phenomenal and i'd totally would love to see a sketchbook in the near future :)

RequiemLullaby said...

I'm so incredibly sad that I didn't get to see you at SDCC. I've been a huuuuge fan of your work for years, and when I found out that you were joining the Korra crew, I nearly exploded!

Hope I can catch you at another convention. It's been a goal of mine to get a sketch from you! =D

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