Recent visitors may have noticed some goofy stuff going on with the website/blog, not the least of which is the fact that the blog and my main website have been combined into one main site at www.joshuamiddleton.com. I am still in the process of redesigning, so please bear with me while I clean up the place, add some new functionality, and break a bunch of stuff along the way.

The Gallery currently features my comic book covers, but will be expanding to include everything that was in the galleries on the old website, as well as some new stuff. I will post further updates as things progress.



fairygen said...

As part of the site redesign, will the store be coming back? I'd love the chance to pick up a couple of your sketches in particular.

Joshua Middleton said...

Hello Fairygen,

I seem to recall you have been very patiently waiting for new sketches...

Well, the good news is that the store will be back and will include some sketches, and finally, some prints of my work. I will post an update as I get closer to putting the store online.

Thanks so much for your continued interest.

Chris said...

Hi Josh,

You put out a sketchbook several years ago (2004-ish?) that featured a lot of your early work on Sky Between Branches. One of the images was a portrait of a young -- early teens maybe -- girl with short red hair and purple eyes. I was wondering if you could post that sketch in your gallery at some point? It was one of three primary inspirations for a Sci-Fi novel I wrote (currently awaiting a second draft) and I'd like to show it to my wife.


Joshua Middleton said...

Hi Chris,
I'm in the process of pulling together a bunch of sketches and stuff for the gallery, so maybe it will show up eventually. Then again, some of the really old stuff is hard for me to look at, so my apologies in advance if it doesn't make the cut.

Best of luck with your novel, and I am happy that you found a little sketch of mine inspirational.

Chris said...

Understood. I have the same reaction when I look at some of my old website designs or writing. :)

I'll keep an eye out. Thanks!

Leen Isabel said...

Hi Josh,

Will you be attending San Diego Comic Con this year? :) Would love to see you and your work there!


3rd-string jedi said...

I really like the new site layout, look,etc.

Tech question: Are you using blogger to run/design/publish this site? I particularly like the gallery pages.

Keep up the great artwork.

Joshua Middleton said...

I will be attending SDCC only as a fan for a few days. I am not going to be exhibiting anywhere. However, if you'd like to say "hi" and maybe get an inside scoop on a project I will be working on soon, you could stop by a panel on Saturday at 4PM in room 6BCF. I'll be there in the front row of the audience, so maybe I'll see you there. If you have a sketchbook, maybe I could even doodle a little something for you to make up for me not having a proper booth somewhere!

In any case, I hope you enjoy the show!

This site is still a Blogger site, just published on a custom domain name. Blogger is fairly flexible if you really get into their Template Designer and aren't afraid to mess around with the HTML code to customize a few things. I'm no expert, so I relied on a lot of trial and error to come up with the current design. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am glad you like it so far.


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