Emerald City Comicon

I am happy to be attending Emerald City Comicon up in lovely Seattle, WA, March 4-6. The organizers of the show are really going all out and have put together a very impressive guest list. Check out their site and make your plans.

I'll be exhibiting at table B-05, and will have original art and prints available. I hope to see some folks at the show.


Eat at Jows said...

man i wish i could go... maybe next year, anyway its good to see that your back again in the comicons

Brian said...

I was there last year, but won't be able to make the cross country trip this year. Sorry to be missing you.

Simon said...

This is awesome news. Will you be taking on any commissions for the convention?

stuff99 said...

I am wondering that as well Josh. Will you be doing commissions or free sketches at the show?

What is your pricing for commisions?

I look forward to meeting you. This will be my first comic convention and I'm not sure what to expect.


Josh said...

My wife and I enjoyed Emerald City comiccon a few years back. One day we'll make it back there. Have fun.

stuff99 said...

Josh it was very nice to meet you. Thanks for the great sketches.

Costanza!, two asian guys, Wayne Knight/Newman.

Now you will remember me for sure.

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