Sidebar Interview

I apologize for the lack of posts, but once again, I am a little too busy to mind the blog. I'll be back soon with more art.

In the meantime, I recently enjoyed an extended conversation with the good guys at Sidebar, a fantastic podcast featuring interviews with all sorts of creative folks. I went on about all sorts of stuff, so if you have some time to spare, feel free to give it a listen. I apologize in advance for a few instances of profanity and various sweeping generalizations.

Sidebar Interview



Jeffrywith1e said...

Listening to it now. I was encouraged to hear that you had a hard time with the dark aspect of NYX. That was a part of the book that turned me off from it. It was repulsive, yet amazingly beautiful.

I would love to see more Sky Between Branches. It's not toyetic, however...

Been a fan since Meridian. I love your work.

sterling said...

First I would like to say that I am a big fan of your work. I just listened to your interview and is was to great to hear your back story but it was also a hilarious and entertaining interview. Thank you very much for sharing with all of us.

Scott Forbes said...

Hey Josh

I just finished the interview and it was fun to hear the various stories of you breaking in and working in the comics field; entertaining but also very insightful!

Hope all is well with you,


Nikki said...

my favourite character is brainiac 5 but I'm a teen girl so I don't matter, I was a bit pissed they made him so toyetic for the cartoon.;)

Zac Dozier said...

Josh - I enjoyed the interview. It's nice to hear the adventures of someone from my neck of the woods (I'm from near Harrisburg, in Lancaster, PA) making it in various art fields.

Sidenote, I'm also a Frazetta fan and I was wondering if you've ever been up to his Museum in East Stroudsburg? If not I highly recommend it. It's amazing to get so close to many of his classic illustrations and to see the textures and brush strokes in the works.

devilmonkey (aka Peter Frain) said...

Also, congratulations on your ImagineFX feature- I just read it and it was a genuine joy to see you in there! I hope you continue to garner even more success.

PS- have you had any thoughts on producing an artbook? I know you're busy at the moment, but something for the future maybe?

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody!

Zac: I have been to the Frazetta museum, and it was incredible. Even though we have all seen the reproductions in magazines and on books for years, nothing can prepare you for the power of the originals. I can hardly wait to visit again.

Devilmonkey: I didn't know the ImagineFX feature was available. Do you happen to know which issue it is in?

I have thought about putting together an art book for some time, but I don't feel as if I have enough personal work of good enough quality to warrant publication. I would probably need to secure the reproduction rights of my commercial work, which can be difficult. We'll see what I can manage in the coming months.

All the best,


John F said...

Hey Josh,

Inspiring work . . . and one hilarious interview with the Sidebar guys.

Grabbed the Imagine FX piece as well (subscriber) - great feature!

SWAiN said...

Imagine my surprise (sorry for the pun) to see you in the latest IFX just as our interview with you was posting. Kismet maybe? Serendipity? Dumb luck..?! All of the above, I guess.

Thanks again, Joshua, for a great chat and plenty of laughs.

devilmonkey (aka Peter Frain) said...

The IFX issue in question is that of July 2009, #045.
And it is a crime that they did not give you the cover...

Also, I'm pretty sure that everyone else on here will agree that you have more than enough personal work of good enough quality to warrant a sketchbook or something! Cho, Cheeks and Noto did some nice quality ones via Brand Studio Press- they might be worth giving a holler if you manage to sort anything out.

Zac Dozier said...

Does anyone know if ImagineFX #45 is even out in the US yet? I thought we typically got them a month or so after it comes out in the UK.

Mike Crichlow said...

Awesome interview! Great to hear the voice behind the amazing art. ^_^

B.Wallz said...

Very fun interview sir.

Smarry said...

I just read it and it was a genuine joy to see you in there! I hope you continue to garner even more success.

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