Shop is open

The shop is now open on the revamped Joshua Middleton Online. There is a selection of original art available at every price point, and the prints are coming soon- I am setting up a new production to produce the finest quality prints available.

Thanks for stopping by,



Andrew said...

Gahh! I saw you at the Emerald City Comiccon a few years back, and you had prints, but I didn't buy one and I've been kicking myself ever since! I'd love for them to come back.

Scott Forbes said...

Great to see it up! Looks like some awesome work for sale too :)
I'll definitely be buying a few prints whenever it's open.

Anj said...

Dang ... if only I was independently wealthy!

Definitely great stuff and I also will be looking forward to the prints section.

Nikki said...

If I only had 2000 dollars in my sock drawer. I'll be keeping an eye out for other stuff in the shop though at a somewhat lower price point. :D

Filipe barnes said...

Your blog rock man, I can't stop looking for your drawings and sketches. Great Job! Congratulations!

Tom Scholes said...

Oh hell yes.

Smarry said...

Great to see it up! Looks like some awesome work for sale too :)

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Nelson Luty said...

Frank Frazetta because they died?? Everything cool here

4downdb said...

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