Last JLA Classified Cover Auction

I now have the last remaining JLA Classified cover up for auction. This one is drawn in pencil with a bit of shading on the rocks for texture. Interested parties can click the image in the column to the right to be taken directly to the auction for more details or to place a bid.

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Phone Sketches

While I am at it with the phone doodles, here are some sketches. These were drawn in pencil on cream-colored paper.



Phone Paintings

These small digital doodles were all done while I was on the phone in either Artrage or Sketchbook Pro. A couple of them got a boost in Photoshop after I hung up. The red mountains and forest one was done while glancing at a photo in a book that happens to be next to my desk.

I certainly don't mind a long conversation, but I'd feel guilty if I wasn't productive in some way, so if I am near my computer, I might open up some new or rarely used software to see how it feels and hopefully learn a few things. Otherwise, I will typically sketch with a pencil while talking on the sofa.

Needless to say, these pieces aren't destined for any museums anytime soon, and because they are so rough and absentminded, I hesitated to show them at all, but I do like the clouds with the red birds; that's the result of swirling around the brush in Artrage with some heavy paint.

More proper drawings soon.



Digital Hana sketch

This sketch was done entirely in the computer while I tried out a few things. It is still difficult to draw properly on the computer with a tablet due to the disconnect between hand and eye. I have considered investing in a Cintiq, a device with which one is able to draw directly on the screen to remedy this problem, but by the time I am done considering the Cintiq's merits, I have usually lost interest in working digitally all together and go back to my pencil, happy to have far fewer options. Perhaps it is because my digital sketches are never that successful that I lose interest. Eh, whatever.

Once again, this young lady is meant to be Hana, a character from a book I have been meaning to draw for some time now. Her features aren't quite right, but there you have it.

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Happy New Year- and last JLA cover

Happy New Year! I hope 2008 is a fruitful and productive year for us all. Best wishes to each and every one of you!

Here is my last cover of 2007, completed a couple of days ago. It also completes the JLA Classified arc. Although this cover doesn't really look like "me", it was fairly enjoyable to work on. The original is drawn in pencil, and the rock formations were shaded in pencil as well, which provided a nice textured base for the color, which was done in Photoshop CS2.

I'm not much for resolutions, but I do plan on making 2008 a strong creative year. The stars have been aligning to that end, and I am excited to share more personal work in the coming months. Endless thanks to all of those who have kept an interest in my work.

More soon,