The Unknowns

Here is another wrap-around book cover, this time for "The Unknowns", a forthcoming young-adult novel from Abrams Books.

Once again, the composition looks a bit strange when the cover isn't folded into its front, back, and two flaps arrangement, but there you have it.



Scott Forbes said...

Terrific work as usual my friend!

Miguel Valderrama said...

wow!!great lights!, and the cover of supergirl it´s amazing Mr. Middleton.
Thank you for give us!

Fabian said...

Looks amazing! Even if its unfolded, i think the composition works great! I'll look for the title!
Have a great week Josh!

RAWLS said...

Very nice man! Great job.

The Black Samurai said...

Spooky! I can still feel the innocence though! Great work!

Tanja said...

Very cool! I'm curious -- what are the final dimensions and resolution when you create a digital cover like that? I'm supposing they'd be higher than what you submit for comic book covers and interiors? An artist I know via SCBWI mentioned that her b/w art has to be scanned at 1200dpi for Scholastic. Wondered if you were doing something like that as well for these YA covers?

Nico. said...

Amazing!!! like all your work.
I'm a big fan usually just watching your blog,
just wanted to congrats once!

Playkill said...

Very nice. Great design!

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