WizardWorld Los Angeles

I should have mentioned this earlier, but WizardWorld Los Angeles opens tomorrow for 3 days of fandom fun. Wizard was kind enough to set me up with a table in Artist Alley, so if any of you Los Angeles folks are in the neighborhood, please swing by and say hi. I haven't attended any conventions for quite a long while, so hopefully it will be fun. Plus, it gives me an excuse to run down to Philipe's for a tasty French-dip sandwich. Damn, their spicy mustard is delicious!

See you there,



Scott Forbes said...

Great to hear you attending!
Now if only if there was a way to drag you up to Canada? ;-)
You must like poutine!

All the best!

FC said...

Awesome! I'll be there tomorrow too :) I haven't seen you for a long while since the last year's WWLA...time flies...

arnie said...

yes i will see you there as well. ca't wait to meet you.

peace out

Ashley A. Woods said...

hey! think you can come back chicago for WW june 26-29th???

don't make me beg.... LOL

nicolas said...

yeah yeah :)

We miss the updates man.

It's always worth the wait

todd said...

hey, joshua!

how are ya?!
haven't talked to you in a while and have lost all contact info on ya...

dunno what your schedule's like, but craig and i were wondering what you'd think about doing a perhapanauts cover for us?
if you have the time and the interest,
please "e' me back at


thanks, man!
hope to see ya soon!

THE ARMY - Created by Marcio Zanini said...

Hey Buddy.. I really like your art-work. I´ll be very glad if you visited my Blog and check out. Thnx.

Eric Vanucci said...

Very very good!!!! I liked the "Girl in Black"!

JACK said...

wooowowow...very compliment!
your art-work are fantastic O_O
girl in black and supergirl are wonderful!!!

Ps- exuse for my English...:)

Aleta said...

hi joshua, your work is great and a big inspiration, if you have some time check my blog *_* I´ll be very very glad. hi from argentina!

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