Phone Paintings

These small digital doodles were all done while I was on the phone in either Artrage or Sketchbook Pro. A couple of them got a boost in Photoshop after I hung up. The red mountains and forest one was done while glancing at a photo in a book that happens to be next to my desk.

I certainly don't mind a long conversation, but I'd feel guilty if I wasn't productive in some way, so if I am near my computer, I might open up some new or rarely used software to see how it feels and hopefully learn a few things. Otherwise, I will typically sketch with a pencil while talking on the sofa.

Needless to say, these pieces aren't destined for any museums anytime soon, and because they are so rough and absentminded, I hesitated to show them at all, but I do like the clouds with the red birds; that's the result of swirling around the brush in Artrage with some heavy paint.

More proper drawings soon.



slpenney said...

They are still gorgeous to me, Joshua. I love the sand scape with the solitary figure.

Brian said...

Very impressive for "phone doodles."

Sam Nielson said...

I'm glad you decided to show them, the red rock one is particularly beautiful.

Sho said...

dang ~! those are beautiful...they look much better than my not- phone - purposely painted works ~!

c.g.young said...

These are wonderful.
Inspirational as always.

agerONE said...

i enjoy the two first paintings .

Fernando said...

Sorry I don't have blog.

But I have to say that I found funny the name you gave to the "green forest and mountains" paiting!

It's good that when people think about my country they still can see nature.

Amélie said...

it is so beautiful

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