JLA Classified issue 51 cover

Here is the cover to JLA Classified issue 51, the second of the arc of five (as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been drawing them out of order for solicitation purposes). So, I have now posted 50, 51, 52, and 54. I'll post 53 later in the week.

This one is drawn in pencil only, and colored in Photoshop.

Thanks for looking.



Elric commission

This is a real rarity: A commission. The recipient of this piece requested it long ago, back when I used to take on commissions when appearing at comic conventions. As anyone who has suffered through my waiting list at the shows can attest, even when I was taking them on, I completed precious few commissions- and not because they were so awesomely time-consuming to complete, but because I just couldn't seem to muster the enthusiasm required to draw something I was happy with. Too often, tired and loopy from the show, I would fall apart and draw some hideous thing and then scrap it and focus on finding a place to buy some cereal to enjoy back in the room (Just ask Skottie Young how hard we party with some Cocoa Pebbles. Any recovering cereal addict can tell you few things trump getting down with some ice-cold milk and some General Mills. God Damn!)

Anyway, I started a sketch for this Elric piece a long time ago, but never got around to finishing it. I was struggling to get some covers done the other night and really needed something else to do, so I decided to relax with the Elric commission and play around with some colored pencils and Prismacolor Artstix on pastel paper. The drawing wasn't all that tight, which afforded me the opportunity to experiment with the materials a bit. I hope the new owner of this drawing enjoys the result.

If I decide to take on more commissions, I will say so right here on the blog (I wouldn't hold my breath. I can almost here Cap'n Crunch calling me now. "Ahoy! How I have missed you, dear friend!")

As always, thanks for stopping by.



JLA Classified Cover auction

An auction for my first JLA Classified cover (pictured here in original form) will start this evening. Interested parties can check it out here.