JLA Classified 52

Here is the cover for JLA Classified issue 52. These are being done out of order for solicitation purposes. I'm working on the cover for issue 54 now, and I will jump back for issues 51 and 53, which will complete the arc.

For those who might be interested in how one of these covers comes together, I have included some images of the different stages of production. First, I submit a sketch, sometimes based on the editor's suggestion, or sometimes based on my own ideas after reading the script. In this case, I submitted 2 sketches, one of the editor's concept, the other my own (I only posted my own, as we might still use the other one later). Editorial favored my take, and I was given the green light to produce the final.

I went to work straightaway on the full-size board without any other roughs because I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do, and I was a little pressed for time. I drew the entire piece in blue pencil, then went straight to inks, employing technical pens for most of the job.

I have posted the drawing as it actually looks after scanning, and then the cleaned-up line art after removing the blue lines in Photoshop and adjusting the levels for a pure black line.

All of the color was produced in Photoshop. The cover was completed over the course of two days.



JLA Classified 50

I have a run of DC covers on the way for a 5-issue arc of JLA Classified (Issues 50-54, drawn by John Byrne), the first of which is pictured here. I spent some time on a background, but wasn't getting what I wanted. I wound up erasing it all, and DC and I agreed that the white looked good, so I threw in the lasso in the BG and called it a day. Sometimes keeping it simple is best.

I'll post the others as they are released for solicitation.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


One that was put to sleep

I don't think I have shown these before. The project didn't come together, but here are some sketches I did a year or so ago when I was working with Vertigo. You might recognize the character. Better you guys see these than let them go to waste, right?



Middleton's Original Art Marketplace

Okay folks, I'm ready to move some product! I've set up a site to sell off the piles of pages clogging my studio, so if anybody is in the market for some Middleton originals, please click the link to the right of the page to visit the new Original Art Marketplace.

I'm opening up with the entire Outsiders issue I recently drew. I will be making more art from various projects available in the near future, so please do check back for updates.

Even if you aren't looking to purchase, the Marketplace might be worth checking out if you have an interest in seeing my line art unadorned with color. The JPEGs available there might be the only place to see the art as it looks pre-Photoshop.

Thanks so much for looking!



Some random sketches

Here are some more oddball sketches. Nothing earth-shattering this time, but I have to keep this blog alive, damn it! Actually, I should be posting a bit more often now that my work schedule has opened up a bit (just focusing on DC covers and personal secrets for now). I'll even try to make the posts more significant than auction announcements and headshots.

Thanks for checking in.