Middleton's Original Art Marketplace

Okay folks, I'm ready to move some product! I've set up a site to sell off the piles of pages clogging my studio, so if anybody is in the market for some Middleton originals, please click the link to the right of the page to visit the new Original Art Marketplace.

I'm opening up with the entire Outsiders issue I recently drew. I will be making more art from various projects available in the near future, so please do check back for updates.

Even if you aren't looking to purchase, the Marketplace might be worth checking out if you have an interest in seeing my line art unadorned with color. The JPEGs available there might be the only place to see the art as it looks pre-Photoshop.

Thanks so much for looking!



Scott Forbes said...

Looking great J!
I am always in awe when I see you original line art. It's so clean and smooth - I can't ink a dang thing to save my life.
Great stuff and that email should be there sometime today.


Neil said...

I hope more will be listed in the future. I'd love to see some of the pinups that you've posted here on your blog up for sale.

Meefoonay said...

Awesome, I'll have to keep an eye out on this!


Colin Harris said...

Can't you also sell prints of your stuff as well?? Pleeeeasse! ;)

Leprechaun_Smurf said...


E-mail has been sent. Been eagerly awaiting your Store to open. You're one of my FAVORITE artist and I'm glad to finally be able to buy some of your art! :-)

Matthew Forsythe said...

hey josh -

your stuff is awesome. we met years ago at one of the chicago cons. thanks for opening a store.

i have to say i'd be WAY more interested in buying sketch book images than comic book pages.

what say you pepper your store with a few sketches you can bare to part with?


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