Auction update

Just letting everyone know that the original drawing for the cover of All Flash has been thrown up on the auction block as well. Links to the auctions are on the right.




Scott Forbes said...

Hey J!
Great stuff!
Quick question: Wondering if you know what happened to the Mystery Girl post. I saw the pics, but the entry seemed to disappear.

Anyways, great to see the sketches, and hope all is well with you :-)


Jaime Martinez said...

from a Spanish fan, it´s amazing.
I see this blog habitually
my work in Spain:

Anna said...

Compliments for your style, find it really fantastic....
Bye.... :D

J. Sena said...

Great drawing. Will you paint in Photoshop?

Bye, congratulations

Colin Harris said...

Wow, wow ,wow. Your work is amazing and is inspired stuff. Can I can dream of reaching the same quality.

I'll be sure to make regular vists!

Ramses said...

You have a fantastic Style!

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