Heroes Convention

To anyone who might be in the North Carolina area, this weekend is the Heroes Convention in Charlotte. The guest list looks mighty, and I will be there with prints and art. There is plenty of info on their website. Stop by and say hello if you happen to make the show.

Because I would feel silly not posting any art, above is a panel from the book I am working on.

I'll post some better stuff when I get back.



Neil said...

I'll be sure to stop by and say "hi" since I'm sure you won't have a line of people wanting to talk to you. ; )

Scott Forbes said...

Nice Panel!

I wish I could make it to a convention this year, but no SDCC. Hopefully you will travel up to Toronto sometime, I'll be living there starting August.

Have fun at Heroes!

Fabrizio said...

Well, Italy is a little bit far from Charlot. I think I'll visit you another time...! ;-) lol

Anyway, cool panel!


"That Guy" said...

Was all set to go, but was told to "Stand Fast" on post for the weekend. Enjoy your show can't wait to see more pics. Always checking out your blog from time to time.

Sam Nielson said...

Wow. I can never makes my lines look this loose and clean.

Joshm said...

Enjoy the con and when we finally get to meet I'll talk your ear off. :-)

Nice panel too!

Kelli Ruback said...

Tried getting in contact with you over your site... but it was not working. And I'm not technologically impaired, so I don't know what's up with it... :<

But anyway... let's get down to what I was gonna say.

Hello Josh! Let's start this off with me kissing your talented ass and telling you how much I love your work. Very big NYX fan... very much so. All of your work is beautiful, in fact.

I'm an aspiring graphic novelist and comic/game/sci-fi/fantasy model and I was curious as to how one would go about getting in contact with you or other artists to provide a reference? Here is my site; http://www.myspace.com/kelliruback

Only one piece of my work is on there (And it's so old... and I've improved so much over the year...) but I go on a forum at PencilJack.com and other stuff is on there too.

Well, I was just curious about everything. I love you to death and hope you get in contact with me or that this at least gets forwarded to you through the webmaster because I am tryin' to get in contact with ya'!

Toodles. ;D

<3, Kelli Ruback

Michael Mason said...

This piece has a Kaluta feel to it - I likes it.

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