I've just returned from Heroescon, a very superhero-centric show. I wasn't in the mood to draw any commissions, or sketches for that matter, but I did draw these two guys to entertain myself. Some might recognize a somewhat tweaked-out version of an old standby of mine, "the horned guy" (really a character named Pahncha from my imaginary Sky between Branches). His nameless friend turned out looking kind of like a lion.

As usual, I came away from a comic convention convinced I have no business drawing superheroes. Now I must catch up on my Aquaman duties. Damn.



Niezam said...

nice art... so what happened to Sky Between Branches?

feel free to visit my gallery at

Scott Forbes said...

Beautiful art J. Sketches like these make me realize why I enjoy your artwork so much. Get that damn Aquaman book out so you don't have to worry about it.

It's obvious that you enjoy drawing these characters, much more than Aquaman.

Joshm said...

I'm in the same boat as you, Joshua, with the exception of being a fantastic artist and world renown. I stopped doing comic work for other companies to draw my own story, for pretty much the same reason you don’t like draw superheroes. I just got a little sick of doing stories about characters I didn't have a deep relationship with.

I hope you end up doing what you love, because that's why we draw. Isn't it? Really great work and you have a fan for life man, so when you self publish your work you can count on me getting it. :)

Paco Desiato said...

beatiful sketches,
glad to see someting about "Sky Between Branches";)
i hope to see more of this beatiful project...

Chrispy said...

Hahahahaha, hilarious. You see, this is why when people ask me to do commissions of their characters, i SLAP THE HELL OUT OF EM! By that time, they realize that i dont do Heroes, lol.

Look man, it was cool chillin with you and Skottie man, gotta do more of that in future cons, unless your serious about your "DONE WITH CONS" thing, lol.



j. scott said...

Nice, I like 'em.
Very much so.
And get to 'Sky' already. It's been long enough.

Fabrizio said...

Cool! Looks like a Warhammer artwork. Never thought to project miniatures?



i think fab meant if you ever thought of making minitures

i'd like to see them too or even action figures or statues

btw heard ya on around comics episode # 109

man that skottie sure has a HUGE ego! j/k :)

dan szilagyi said...

those look awesome! i'd hate to see what you could really do if you were in the mood for some serious drawing!
very nice~

Urbatrof said...

WOOUUAAAh, this pictures are fabulous !

Joshua Middleton said...

Hey folks,

Thanks for the comments as always. I am super-busy, but things are moving along. I hope to produce a lot more personal work in the near future, and not just little head sketches.

I'll post whatever I can as soon as I can.

Hey Chrispy! It was a lot of fun talking with you and your brother, and I am sure we will hang out again soon, though I am serious about the con hiatus. I need every spare minute to focus on my personal work, and those cons aren't making sense to me anymore.

Maybe we will catch up in Chicago.

Thanks again, everyone.

Josh "No, I am not sketching, no, I am not taking commissions, and only the prints on the wall" Middleton, a real fan-favorite.

chrishaley said...

I'm sure you don't remember me or anything, but I was friends with your sister, Rachel. She got you to send me a copy of Sky Between Branches and some original art.
It's a shame you have such a distaste for superheroes, because you draw them so beautifully. You're one of those rare artists that really elevates what superhero comics can be.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your art and thoughts with us and if you talk to your sister anytime soon tell her I said hi.

Brian said...

It was great to see both you and Skottie at the show and I'll keep my fingers crossed for "Sky" sometime in the near future. The superhero stuff may pay the bills, but it's the fantasy genre where you really shine.

As for the beast men, beautiful work. I like the "horned guy" but the one there's just something about the lion looking guy that makes me want to see him in his own book.

GOT said...

Love the "Pahncha" character. Looks really cool.

I miss your fantasy type work... like the stuff you did for CG.

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

Really awesome drawings in this blog, im linking you, if you dont mind..:)
(And i will be around him from time to time).

Dapper Dan said...

Your work is inspiring! Kudos

Mark said...

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Charles said...

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