I am already tired of looking at those two goofballs in the desert below, so here is a sketch of a wizard.



Anna said...

hail, I am called Anna and I have known yours big cleverness and yuor marvelous style acquiring " Fusion Junction" going to the Festival international de la bande dessinèe di Angoulème..
I would be honorable if you visit may blog and you tell me thing you think about my style and of my digital coloring.
I hope to have not done many errorsd I since don't know the english,
ciao Anna..

Joaquin said...

Sabes, esta muy chulo, pero lo que realmente me gusta son las chicas que dibujas, como por ejemplo las del post getting busy o la del otro; back from abroad.
Por cierto, soy un fan tuyo, me encanta como dibujas, un saludo.

Allan Josh Mills said...

LOL, I get sick of some of my best work after a while too. Love the new piece. I would love to see some more videos of your sketches. How do you record your sketches? I have a digital cam I could do the same thing with, but it would be easier if there was a program that did it.

Scott Forbes said...

Haha! Goof balls 8-)

Anyways, I am amazed with the talent you have with just a pencil and a sketchbook!

Hopefully we will be able to see you dabble in a new world (or SBB), but any work is good work to me :)


I am hooking up Skottie with a Blogger layout, if you ever need one, just email me :)

... And now that I think about it, would you like me to put the Aquaman cover on the website?

Roc said...

so much character

nout said...

Wondering how much time that took you... Seems quick yet wonderful. I feel you're a real artist's artist (reminding me somehow of Adolf Menzel, who'd have 15 different scetchbooks stashed in specially designed coats so he could draw anything anywhere) I dunno why, as there's no indication you are or have.
Anyway, do you do commissions?

Sammy514 said...

Two goofballs in the desert...
Nice title for any comedy comic, LOL!

flipstudios said...

great rendering. the eyebrows are fantastic.

chuck said...

i love this drawing so much ;___;. awesome!!

Todd Michael Rogers said...

your wizard sketch is tops.

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