A few more social sketches

Here are a few more drawings from another evening out with the "Drink and Draw Social Club". Dave Johnson, a founding father of the social gatherings and a big part of the Drink and Draw hardcover book now available from Image comics, has gone so far as to have official coasters printed up with a sketch box on the back to make it easier than ever to scribble something while hanging out and enjoying a beverage, in my case, usually Coca-Cola.

The robot was drawn with a fat permanent marker on a big piece of thin cardboard, probably 11"x17". Some color pencil was thrown down as well, and the white highlights are from a Presto jumbo correction pen. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for his design as it was made up as I went along, which was fun, even if it doesn't hold together all that well.

The coasters were also drawn with markers and pencil, and some more correction pen for blobs of brilliant sparkle.

Nothing to write home about, but at least I've posted twice in two days!



Joshm said...

Thanks for posting your work Josh. I'm a big fan and will be reading your posts every time you post. And not because we have the same initials....


well, we don't have the same initials at all but still cool pics josh

veritas said...

oh josh, your work blows me away.
as you'll notice, sky.between.branches was adopted by me as my email address and my blog title, and i adore telling people that it's from the most incredible zero issue comic i ever saw, by an amazing artist not enough people have heard of.

i was narcissitically googling myself - well - my blog - as sky.between.branches and found you. wonderful.

i wonder if you would mind me perhaps using the title as a working name for myself in sound art? please, don't hesistate to say no. you can email me at ... hehe
sky.between.branches - at - gmail - dot - com

and thank you.

Fernando Brazuna said...

Hey, Joshua! I m brazilian and here in Brazil released now Superman - Shazam that you drawed, it s wonderful, your art is great and your are one of my main influences.
I have a blog www.fernandobrazuna.blogspot.com
If you can comment my art and help me with any hint, i ll be thankful!

Gary Clair said...

Hey Dude.. Nice meeting you there!! Those are AWESOME sketches!!

I'm sorry I didn't put your name to your art before.. because I'm a big fan!!!

Anthony Carpenter said...

Josh, I love the coasters. Especially the bright eyed lass with the pointy ears.

Cool stuff all around. I look forward to future posts.

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