Appetizers, Leftovers, and Scraps

It has been too long since I posted new art, and though some of this stuff isn't new, or maybe even art, I had to get something out there, at least to hold us over until I can post some more finished pieces.

I have several DC covers sitting on my desktop which I will share just as soon as I get an okay from my editor. I've been knocking out covers for DC's core heroes, and so far I have a Batman (finally finished something after all of those sketches a while back), a Flash, and a Wonder Woman. I will soon start another regular cover assignment as well, which I will talk about in the near future, now that the series is getting underway.

These drawings in the meantime have just been loitering around my hard drive. The girls are attempts to work out some characters for an upcoming project so large and exciting that I dare not speak of it. The next three are abandoned layouts for Sky between Branches. The weirdo with the huge nose who could be the Joker was the end result of playing with some new tools, and the bear is just a stupid bear.

More soon.



Scott said...

OOO, tip top secret project? I'm intrigued, and now that I see it has a girl in it, I can finally say I am happy. Not that I didn't like Shazam, it was great, but I loved your NYX and NM work. Tell me it will be penciled and I will be really happy.

Joker looks swell, and the SBB work looks great too. Have you started working on that? or are they just pre production work?

Can't wait to see the covers!


too bad that sbb didn't continue, nice pics anyway

btw did classwar ever get completed? is it in trade?
is bazooka jules completed? in trade?

John H. said...


I wouldn't call that bear

'stupid'. Especially since it

looks like he just woke up and

is in a grumpy mood. Cover

artist ???? Cool !!!!

John H.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Fun stuff.

Tim McBurnie said...

Hey Josh,

The Sky Between Branches stuff looks fantastic as always. I am sure this has been answered somewhere else before but why did the production on that project stall? I remember hanging out for it.

In fact I find it hard to express how much I wanted to see that book without coming across as a whimpering fanboy ;)

Joshua Middleton said...

Hey folks,

Thanks for the comments.

Comikxguy, Classwar is available in trade form, and there all also some Bazooka Jules trades floating around, though I don't believe the series was concluded.

Tim, it is nice to see you over here. Thanks for your comment.

About Sky between Branches, more than just being a story, Branches really represents everything I love and everything I'd like to accomplish artistically. As you can imagine, it is a tall order, but the blame for not producing ultimately lays with me.

I've gotten fairly good at making excuses and telling long stories about why something that supposedly means so much to me never seems to get done, so I'll spare you and just say that even after all of this time, that book is still my goal; everything else has been a distraction (sometimes welcome), but I still intend to draw Sky between Branches, because I don't honestly feel like I have accomplished anything yet, and probably won't until I can produce something I actually care about, which isn't to say I am not grateful for my opportunities, it is just that I am not a good enough artist to produce meaningful work on projects that my heart isn't in. Even I can see that virtually everything I have done outside of Branches-related material has been fairly uninspired, and I am as sick of it as anyone.

I have learned a lot of extremely valuable lessons over my 7-year comics career, and am finally making more considered decisions about the work I take on, with the aim at reducing those uninspired pieces, and to facilitate the actual production of Sky between Branches.

I will post new SBB developments on this blog as they happen, and new art as well. I can't tell you how pleased I am to read about your enthusiasm for a project that barely exists, and the same goes for all of the folks who have stuck with me through all of my non-Branches work just waiting for the big day when I say Branches has returned.

I'm tired of making excuses!

And anyone who hasn't checked Tim's site over in my links, please do yourself a favor and head over there. Tim is a monster artist with a sequential project underway for the French publisher Delcourt, which I expect will be nothing less than stunning, and will keep the book importers here quite happy.



Tim McBurnie said...

That's interesting to hear. I wasn't sure if it was trouble getting it published etc.

But honestly, that makes all too perfect sense to me (sad to say!)
and although I would like to say you should just do it now because it WOULD be awesome, no question. I know it's not that easy.

To me your work seems to get richer when it moves towards the SBB motif (or whatever...I think you know what I mean, more fantasy oriented) but maybe that's just me being a fan of that kind of thing :)

Anyway thanks for the detailed answer! and also for the kind words.


thank you for the comment joshua

i've seen a classwar collection with 3 issues together but not as a complete trade, question is, is the trade a complete 6 ? issues

also i think bazooka jules was suppose to be a 6 issues mini as well but only came out with 3

thanx for your thoughts on sbb, i guess artisticly you might have thought you were not ready at that time but if you are determined to do it...

you would be.no exscuses.

is it because of exspenses that stop a project from happening

or just time

sometimes we all need to just take a break and do something different

in your case going freelance for a while and doing high-end artbooks to meet expenses so that you can get those dream projects done

hey, it works for alberto ruiz :)

danj said...

Ever think of illustrating some Grimms fairytales? If you did that, I think I'd be so excited I'd make water in my pantaloons.

danj said...

I was just reading your comments on Sky Between Branches, and if I may offer a comment on the subject...

I say don't ever touch it unless you have a desire to do so. Work on it only when you can't stand not to, and go in circles as long as you like.

How many authors, musicians, etc. have you known of that put out a steady career-worth of work, then only create their real opus when they retire or whatever? Often times, they've been working on it all their lives in one form or another.

Anyway, I say take your time and if you end up releasing Sky Between Branches when you're old and look like a catcher's mit with white hair, then so be it.

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