Back Soon

I apologize for not posting anything for a while, but I have been out seeing the world a bit. I'm home now, very inspired, and back at work, so hopefully I will have something worthwhile to post in just a little while.

Thanks for checking in.



Scott Forbes said...

Sounds good!


Joshua James said...


Really nice works btw. Looking forward to more.


Antonio Santamaria said...

Don't worry... I will have waiting for your return. Have a nice spare time!

To Think Big said...

I appreciate your work very much.
I hope can make a friend with you^_^.

Brian said...

So where did you go? And more importantly, did you sketch any of local flavor while you were there?

Eloth said...

Keep up the awesome work! I love your stuff and am envious of your style. Amazing line art. Keep the videos comin!

Amanda Grazini said...


can't wait to see more!

mai said...

hi! I didn't knew that you have a blog! I like too much your drawings and the colors you use... it's fantastic!! I'd like to make you a cuestion: what program do you use to paint your drawings? I'd like to know it... scuse my poor english level, but I'm from spain and I last speak in english to years ago, at school... sorry. I don't know what to say, and how to say it, so... I only can say that I'll continue visiting your web and this blog, and I'll buy your works!! see you! (please escuse the mistakes I'm shure I've done... ¬¬')

mai said...

OOOH!! sorry, I must say "I last SPOKE english TWO years ago..." uuh... sorry, sorry, sorry...

Calgary Expo said...

Hey Joshua,

It's Kandrix with the Calgary Expo, Skottie told me that you guys are a go for our show. Can you email me so I can arrange for flights and all that fun stuff? Contact me at info@calgaryexpo.com Thanks!

Alex Shibao said...

Hi Joshua,You could put your cover of Playstation Magazine of the Metal Gear Solid! Please! I adore that his illustration but I never saw her colored, put to pencil, any an already great !!

Sr.Valinha said...

I need my dosis . Back soon!

odiseo said...

my name is odiseo and i´m argentino
i like to make interrelations in the net beause i´m a drowner and yor web page is so good
if you wan can visit my blog and if you like we could make links interchange
and if you don´t have a good day
sory mi ingles and and thank wathever you decide

colin said...

I need my fix.

I'm getting the shakes here.

No pressure.

(The smiley's not really necessary, is it?)

newboy said...

Hi Joshua,
This is joe I met you at the art store today and you gave me information to see your site. Great stuff. I told you I am working on some horror/superhero based work. To view my portfolio go to www.josephschmalke.com
any and all feedback would be appreciated. also if you would like to see some of the pages I am currently working on let me know where to send it.

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