This little guy has just gotten done killing some folks. I doodled this last night after working on another image that was leaning towards a far too realistic style. Good cartoony stuff is far more difficult to do than anything realistic. If anyone tells you different, they are an ignoramus. And probably an art teacher. Or critic.

Today, I had some new art materials to test out, so Mr. Barbarian was the perfect foundation for some color scribbling. Needless to say, I couldn't help a little digital tweaking after scanning. Not going to win any awards, but he doesn't give a damn.



Scott Forbes said...

That's superb! You really have created a tone in the piece, which is difficult (at least for me) with real paint.

Cartoons are harder to draw, there are too many things to worry about; whereas drawing realistically can be referenced anywhere.

Marcelo said...

This barbarian is absolutely briliant. Your work is really an inspiration.

Your fan,

Dominic Bugatto said...

NIce one!

arnie said...

hey not so fast. you mentioned new tools. since i'm tryin' to learn em' might as well as how you did this.

peace out

Joshua Middleton said...

Hey Arnie,

Almost everything was done with colored pencils. Lots of layering and burnishing to arrive at the final hue. I also used some acrylic paint to glaze some yellow and blue over the pencil work to unify and focus attention. After scanning, I adjusted the levels and tweaked the color balance to help unify the palette a little more, adding a pinch more green to the image overall. The plants were a quick afterthought in Painter using a brush, which is why they look overly digital.

For these types of sketches, I am usually just winging it. In the past, I would give up too easily, but now I am trying to work my way through the struggles with new techniques and materials to see how far gone a drawing can be and still be saved.

I encourage you to experiment with whatever tools and materials you can get your hands on. You might find some new ways of doing things that allow you to be more creative. However, don't forget there is no tool that will substitute for good drawing. You have to do your homework to make the most of anything, regardless of what materials you choose to work with.


arnie said...

thanks joshua. i know thier only tools, but i would've spent days trying to figure out which tools.

i gather inspiration from a variety of sources, but i find confidence can be gained by just asking quetions to pull back the veil of itimidation. what i mean by that is, simply by knowing how some one did something, can make it seem possible for me to do it as well.

"hey,he used colored pencils, i can do that..."

thanks for sharin' joshua

peace out

boob said...

Real nice. Feels Japanese to me. Like painted manga.

Speaking of learning, I've recently started foolin' around in painter and it's biggest asset is that it's fun. I hardly ever get what I intended, but it's more fun than Photoshop.

I'm more of a character designer and animator so actually painting things (even digitally) kind of escapes me. Work like this is definitely inspiring to me.

I've had the pleasure of meeting you at a convention or two - always nice to meet inspiring artists. Great blogging, and great work!

nicolas said...

Josh, I love your work...thats a given. But what I really want to thank you for is, what you said in this post.

"Good cartoony stuff is far more difficult to do than anything realistic. If anyone tells you different, they are an ignoramus. And probably an art teacher. Or critic."

Now those might be the words that will inspire me for years to come.

A while ago I got bashed for having a boring sketchbook. The work had been inspired by cartoons and animation - this is my style. It was labeled too anime and that it looked traced. My heart dropped. That was also the first time I had received the "dreaded piercing dart to the heart" critique from fellow artists.

Let me just say it was a difficult thing to get myself to hold a pencil again or even open photoshop. And I've been illustrating for years. This shouldn't have been new to me, but it was.

I just gotta get that stiff upper lip and stop caring so much what other people think. If I'm in love with it, then thats all that counts.

thanks Josh!

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