Shazam and Virgin auctions

Two more items are up for auction. First up is one of the rare splash pages from Superman/Shazam: First Thunder. Also available is my first cover for American Virgin, which was rendered in blue pencil and then colorized in Photoshop- a rare example of pencil-shaded work from me. You can find the auctions here.



Krypton Knight said...

Oh yes, this is a wonderful piece. I may have to get this one.

I love your work on this series. I met you last year at SDCC and picked up a couple of pages from issue #4, pages #17 (Cap holding Sivana by the throat and lifting him of the ground) and page #30 (where Clark is sitting with Billy in his room and says " Hello Billy, my name is Clark").

I recently obtained the Superman part of the cover for issue #4. Is the Shazam/Sivana part of the cover still available?

All the best!

Scott Forbes said...

Beautiful! I wish I had this sort of money, but I don't... saving up for new computer... well eventually I will get something! And AV #4 looks awesome! I managed to get a peak at the original artwork in SDCC this past summer.

How much did the American Virgin #7 go for?

Chris Sims said...

Those covers are sick! I love the American Virgin cover. It's definitely one of my favorites!

James Cordeiro said...

Hey Joshua! I live in the Brazil and i'm fã of its work, he's amazing. One question: you who makes the color of its work? the stated period that the publishers ask for is more extensive, or not, has that to be a page per day?

ps: it forgives me for my English, I am learning!

Sam Nielson said...

Fantastic art all around. Glad I found a link to your blog! I'll definitely be back to see more.

Joshua Middleton said...

Krypton Knight Chris- Thanks for picking up the pages back at SDCC. Unfortunately, I no longer have the rest of that cover. Hopefully, I won't draw too many more covers in pieces like that!

Scott- Save your bread. A good computer is certainly important, especially for the creation of digital art.

Chris Sims- Thank you kindly.

James- No need to apologize, I appreciate your effort to learn English. I color the work myself. Normally, drawing a page a day is required, but because I do everything myself, including color, I take longer. Luckily, I have publishers and editors who support the extra time.

Sam- I am glad you found your way here. I believe I may have stumbled onto your blog a while back as well. You have some lovely pieces up there. I am especially impressed with the values in your color work- great depth without a reliance on over-rendering. Very nice. I will stop by more often.

Thanks everyone. Back to work.


Jim Di Bartolo said...

Beautiful work man! Been a fan of your art for a few years now (since "Sky Between Branches"). Great to see your work in progress on your blog here.


Antonio Santamaria said...

Both are great, Joshua!!! .... and very very cleaned!!!! I love the composition of the second, the American Virgin cover, really dynamic and comprensive!!!
Another lesson to learn!!! Saludos!

Valhalla Comics said...

Excellent pieces, man. Good luck on the auctions; wish I had the funds to go in on 'em, myself. One day.

Chrispy said...

Yo Joshua man whats up, first of all i want to say DAMN IM GLD I FOUND THIS PLACE! LOL! like most people here i have been a fan of your work for quite some time.

Its wierd that about 2 or 3years ago my two brothers and i sat with you in artist alley in Chicago and you gave us some GREAT pointers on our work, my work in particular as you saw some similarities in it, and your work. Well, i wanted to let you know that EVERYTHING you told me has helped my work ALOT!

I have since then recieved TONS of freelance jobs, and am on the verge of breaking into the industry, if you want to check out some of my work, my gallery is www.kweli.deviantart.com i dont know if you would recognize it, but i hope its makes you feel good to know that you have made a huge difference in it being where it is now, so THANKS MAN!

Either way, GREAT WORK, and i look forward to seeing more stuff from you man, and maybe i'll run into you again in the future at a con sor something, PEACE OUT YO!

David Malan said...

Super work. I was just working my way through your online portfolio, really really nice. I see a strong Mucha influince in you designs, am I wrong? They are all very nice I like your drawings style and your color work works very well also.
Nice stuff.

James Cordeiro said...

Hey Joshua, thank you so much for the return and the affection of the words, until I was touched myself, therefore in my list of artists who one day dream in knowing, you are in first place, in as Katsuhiro Otomo huahau I love Akira hahaha. I find that the complete artist the more, better, this is my objective as professional. I am making test for Marvel, but only pencil, that Clearly necessary to study very still to be able to offer a complete work, as well as you. Joshua wanted to know if she was difficult for you, to publish its work already with color, inks in the beginning? I repaired that in favourite its links, this the Sparth, it's fantastic. Thak you Joshua, big hug!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Hey there.
I love your work,

Always did and always will.
You tell so much with a line, it's amazing.



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