A Middleton Digital Doodle


puppeteer said...

Wow... I just can say....MASTER!

Scott Forbes said...

HOLY -- This is awesome! I was wondering when you would go all crazy like this and post a video! When we update the site (to the updated design, I will definately add this onto it!).

This is great, it shows us how you approach a certain illustration (or sketch).

I cannot wait for further installments.

arnie said...

hey, what did you do that with?

peace out

eduardoygarciag said...

hey josh, many thanks to show this proccess digital, i hope that in the future you can get some minutes to expend with us.
i like to know if you made it with painter, and which tools?


Estlin said...

wow! that was awesome! about how long did this actually take? the clip is like 10 minutes, there's no way that was real time, right? can't wait to see more of this!

Brian said...

Amazing. Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse into the creative process with us.


Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks, folks, I'm glad you like it. The original clip was about 16 minutes long, but the limit on Youtube is 10, so I sped it up just enough to fit. It makes it a little easier to watch as well.

It is really interesting even for me to see how my drawings develop, if that makes any sense. When I am sketching, I am just going with the flow, pulling from my knowledge and experiences while constantly adjusting to the lines as they are laid down. Looking at this clip I see how I jump all over the place when something catches my eye. It is also fun to scrub the play bar to watch the image transform super-fast. If only I could fast-forward my drawing table...

About the tools, it was done in Painter 9.5, sketched with a 2b pencil brush, rough colored with some digital watercolor, then further painted with a round brush out of the oils category with modifications by me. Keep in mind that in Painter, despite how varied all of the amazing brushes are, they are all built from the same brush engine. If you spend some time studying the rather large list of parameters used to build/modify a brush, you will learn how to capture the best qualities of whatever brushes you like with some simple adjustments.

More to come.


LauraBraga said...

Hi Josh!!!
Wow...great video!!!I wish I coud draw and use Painter like you do!
But people ask me Photoshop colors and so I never learned how to use Painter!
maybe one day i'm going to learn this program!
I can't wait to see the second piece of this video!!!!

As always great work!!
sorry for my bad english!!!!!he-he-he....!!!!!


Crono Leiva said...

I'm more entertained and entranced by what you decided to take out - more than the end result. Seeing you think and problem solve like that was very educational.


Roc said...

greatness! I love seein' the process.

Rocky Howard said...

*clap clap clap*

Thank you for letting us into the creative process.

And 16 minutes? Man...you're good/fast.

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