These guys have been hanging around for a while. I remember drawing them one evening as a challenge to push further stylistically.

Oddly enough, they came out looking somewhat like the drawings I did before I really knew what I was doing, which was a somewhat frustrating but important reminder:

It is essential to know the rules, to study anatomy, light, composition, and so forth, but only so you can break those rules with reckless, creative abandon and capture something bigger than life.

I've been taking the long way home, but now that I am rounding the bend, the view seems better than I had remembered.



Scott Forbes said...

Big Burly Men... looks like something Wendling would do, and thats a good thing!

They are both very good but I like the bottom one a bit more; the shading and the loose-ness of the lines really convey something... but I don't know what. (I just woke up so forgive me). I guess it tells more of a story for this particular sketch.

good job!

Chris Sims said...

Nice work Josh! I'm digging the first one mainly because the shading on it gives him a more menacing look. Great work as always!

Mark said...

Something of the Mike Mignola-circa-1990 about the first one, too.

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Yeah, I like them both. Although, I thought you were posting someone else's work when I saw the first one. I think it was the shadows that threw me off. I love the second one.


Roc said...

just amazin' man

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