Hana and the Wolf

Hana is a lead character in my Sky between Branches project, which has slowly been taking form for the last several years. The three-stage sketch here was done a while back primarily as a reminder of her character.

The wolf I drew as a warm-up last night while working on another concept and flipping through some National Geographic magazines, a fantastic publication, needless to say. If the concept can get off the ground, I'll post more about it.



Estlin said...

i like how you use tones to make her nose, instead of drawing it. Wolf is pretty cool too.

Grandma Union said...

Are those Aussie Ugg boots?!?

Loving the blog.
Grandma x

LauraBraga said...

hi josh!
Great blog!
I'm love your sketches and i love your work too.

I'm the Italian girl that in San Diego bought you 2pages of Nyx.
Do you remember me? We also spoke about barbara Canepa!!!!

Again, very nice sketches!!!!

Laura Braga

Btw, i opened my personal blog, if you want to visit, here the homepage:

Scott Forbes said...

These two sketches are amazing! Both of them are 2 completely different mediums, and yet they look like they belong together; (Perhaps it is the blue pencil? or maybe it's just me).

The wolf is great, at first I thought you were dabbling in the 3D medium (on the computer), but its just ink. It is really hard trying to make a subject look physically there, like you could pick it up... or in this case, it would chomp your hand off. Now that wouldn't be good, would it?

I am digging the blue toning on Hana; just like the blue tones on American Virgin #4. Seeing Sky Between Branches with this rendering in it would be great, but it probably takes a long time. Anyways, I am glad you're bringing that story out of the cupboard; I would do some fan art, but I only know 3 characters. You will just have to wait and see >:)

Keep up the good work, I am glad we are seeing more of your pencil work as well... haven't seen that puppy in action for a while ;).

PS Sorry for the abundance of smilies, it's just one of those days I guess!


mireldeyn said...

love hana! i remember buying sky between branches... one of the few comics that my wife actually liked :)! so thanks for that and can't wait to see more...

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks everybody!

And of course I remember you, Laura. I am happy you found my blog.

I checked out your blog, too. You have some very strong drawings there. I like the expressions you are capturing, and your line is graceful. Keep it up!

Grandma X, they do look like Ugg boots. I think those boots are cute, despite being absolutely impratical yet everywhere in Los Angeles.

Scott, the pencil will always be my weapon of choice.

Thanks again, everyone. As always, your comments are very much appreciated.


Scott Forbes said...

Haha the pencil is mightier than the sword (in most cases).

PLUS the fan art is coming; you can't stop me!


< / ramblingfan >

John H. said...

It's SO good to see Hana...

Kelsey said...

I really can't wait to see what you do with this now.

Kind of a different style on the girl, hunh?

Great work as always pardo!


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