The Hana headshot was drawn as another reminder of how I used to draw her, or in this case, her facial proportions. When you draw in a fairly cartoony or open style, it is critical to understand where everything fits. Actually, it is critical regardless of style, but without an excess of rendering to hide behind, any flaws in the geometry will be especially obvious. The lower half of the image has Hana standing with some goblins, although they look like ugly monkeys.

Speaking of goblins, the headshots were part of a week-long goblin kick I was on. I was trying to keep them fun and cartoony, and was borrowing from a couple of different artists- A couple of them look a lot like Mignola's Faerie king, seen hanging around in trees occasionally in the pages of Hellboy. I'll have to tread carefully there.

There is also what could be a goblin queen in her throne drawn up from the earth. It seemed like a nice idea. I do like putting horns on people.

The nightmare drawing was done weeks ago when I felt an obligation to sketch something for this blog. It wasn't genuinely motivated, so I left it. I forgive it now that enough time has passed.



Chris Sims said...

I'm digging the splatter technique on the nightmare illo. The goblin expressions are great too. They almost have an animated feel.

Scott Forbes said...

All of these are great J! I enjoy seeing these drawings from Sky! Hana looks like a character you would want to see on screen animated!

I would post a more detailed comment but there's a storm here and its not good.

LauraBraga said...

hi Josh.
as always your scketches are awesome for me.
and I like black pencil that cover blue pencil prewious drawings.

ps: in you conventions schedule are you planning to be at New York comic convention in february??

good work!!!

John H. said...


Beautiful stuff.

It does look like animation

movie model sheets... ;) ;) ;)

Wow, you 'have' to forgive

art ????

Roc said...

You made that comment to me in Philly when you critiqued my work. Before then, i never spent the time to figure out parts where i didnt immediately know how it worked. But since then, i've been investing that time, figuring out that underlying geometry and i've made vast improvments in my art. Thank you.


UrbanBarbarian said...

Quite nice! Love the one of the goblin queen!

Dominic Bugatto said...

lovely drawings.

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