Ghoul and Guy

The creepy guy was done in a hotel room while attending MegaCon in Florida last February. It was drawn mainly to experiment with spotting blacks as opposed to leaving everything open for color. It is fun to mix it up sometimes as you never know what might click stylistically. The unfinished color comps on the bottom were done at a later date. I needed something to test a few color techniques on and the ghoul sketch was on hand.

The other guy was done on my laptop in Japan while demonstrating digital painting for some friends. It's just a throwaway sketch, but I hadn't thrown it away so I thought I would share it. Now I can throw it away.



Scott Forbes said...

WHOA! These are amazing J! I really like the way you approached both drawings. The coloring on both of them is very unique and isn't like the traditional stuff that we see in comics (mostly bad coloring). Great job! I wish I could create "throw-away drawings" like you!

OH, and who are your favorite colorists in the field of comics? Laura Martin? Justin Ponsor? Dave McCaig?

Estlin said...

wow. that ghoul is AWESOME. Love the pose and the eye. Horns are a nice touch. I like the feeling that the second one gives. The coloring around his head is great.

dustin said...

you dont really throw it away, you'd jsut sorta delete it... but you know.. that works too.

it loosk great though, i love the use of colors totally opposite of each other. you are a clever man jonathan middleland.

sho said...

wow ..that's a really beautifully rendered creepy guy ~! awesome

LauraBraga said...

Hi Josh, the creepy guy is really awesome. I like draw monster too, and i like draw monters in front of a big slice of Pizza!!!! Ah-ah-ah!!!!
And you don't know how Italian Pizza is delicious!!!!

If for you it's not a problem, i would like to add your blog to my links-list in my blog.

Like always, excuse my english!!!! :PPP

Kiss. Laura.

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks everybody!

And Laura, I do love Pizza. I have eaten Pizza in Italy and agree that it is wonderful. Unfortunately, I am now living in Los Angeles, which has terrible Pizza and lots of other bad food. I am hungry!

Anyway, please feel free to link to my blog, and keep up the good work.


Roc said...

wow. . . .really dig the paint technique. . .i personnaly dont get it. . .I paint. . .but i dont know how. . i just make it up. You really know what you're doin'. Great stuff, man. . .really.


UrbanBarbarian said...

Hey Josh! Great Blogs of Fire! More reasons to be insanely jealous of your masterful talent! Awesome!!!

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