France and a werewolf brave

On very short notice, I am leaving for France tomorrow night. Amongst other things, I will be attending 'Salon International de la Bande Dessinée de Valenciennes', a festival of sequential illustration on Nov 4th and 5th. For more information, here is a link to their site.

Afterwards, I will spend some time in Paris to meet some folks and to hold a signing at Album, which I understand is a very fine retailer. I am certain I will bring back luggage heavy with books.

I enjoy a lot of old mythology, and Native American legends seem to be somewhat overlooked when it comes to magic and monsters. Perhaps they are too close to home. I was thinking about skinwalkers, portrayed at times as something of a Native American werewolf, and wound up with the above sketch. It is Halloween, and if anyone could see what they've done to the once mythic, ancient event in West Hollywood, like me you'd wish this wolf-beast would come forth from the desert and rip your head off.

Au revoir



Scott Forbes said...

Have fun in Paris J! Sounds like a lot of fun. I have never been, but (think) I am going this summer.

Have a great time, and the drawing is great! Pencil and Watercolors? I handed out candy at my house... 1 person came, not in costume to get some treats. Such a declining holiday.


PS: When you get back we need to put the new design up.

SLATOUR said...

Josh, I have been trying to contact you through your webmaster but no success.

I'm writing comic books for a major comic book company in France/Belgium and I have a project to submit to you.
I'll catch up with you in Valenciennes on Sunday, and maybe in Paris.
I'm Sebastian, I love your artwork, and we need to talk :)


Scott Forbes said...

I have not got your note yet, but even if I did, I would have sent it on to him but it would take some time for him to reply... I will check the server again to see if there is anything there.

I am trying to fix some things on the website, so it may have not come through.

SLATOUR said...

oh my apologies Scott, I did not recognize your name on the comments :)
If I'm not able to see Joshua in France, I'll try to contact you again through the website.



juliabax said...

This looks beautiful. Is it natural media? Doesn´t look like computer coloring.

It´s interesting that you are going to France, because I´ve always had this vision of your personal projects being published in the french comic market.

I´m really glad you started this blog thing, this way we can always have some Middleton goodness while waiting for your next projects with DC.

LauraBraga said...

Hi Josh.
The Werewolf is really great and very impressive. Like always i love your drawing.
I was at the Album in Paris too. It's really a great comic-shop, and every time i'm there i finish my money in books.




There's a reason why I don't drop by this blog as often as I should - it's because whenever I do, I peruse through the images you have up and I end up getting sick to my stomach because of how good they are. I'm saying this as endearing as I possibly can - Stop being so damn talented, man! You're throwing talent curve off!

Seriously though, well done. There is so much warmth and character in your drawings that there's no wonder that they're so consumable by your adoring public - me being one of them.

Keep posting the awesome work and the next time I visit I'll be sure to steel myself for the loop-da-loops my stomach goes through whenever I come here. See yah!


Alden V said...

i love how you colored this. amazing.

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Well that's a bute, eh? Enjoy France! Like someone has to tell you to.

denism said...

Hi Josh
Is Great to find here on Blogspot a such great comic artist like you...I remember your works since the time of Meridian...
There's alot of excellent stuff here!
What are you doing now?

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