Digital doodling

Well, I am just as tired of looking at that stupid kid in the previous post as you are, but I have been busy with some new projects, and though I have been enjoying the work, I can't really share the drawings just yet. I almost posted some rough drawings of DC covers and the like, but it just felt wrong to put that stuff here.

So, I decided to shuffle through my folders and see if there was anything lurking around that might be worth sharing. When I stumbled onto these experiments, I thought they might be of some interest.

What I have here are a handful of completely digital sketches. Mostly, these are learning exercises, and are usually abandoned as soon as I feel I have gained some knowledge or have lost interest. Occasionally, I end up with a few doodles I find hard to throw out, so I stick them in a folder and forget about them, at least until this blog gave me an excuse to drag them out into the light.

Pulled from the archives (conveniently located next to the trash can), here are a few more oddballs. If only I could remember what exactly I learned.



Scott Forbes said...

AHHH!!! Mmm this stuff is good! My favorite would have to be the nymph one.

Josh I think it would be neat to see cover prelims and all that jazz... it is an interesting process that you wouldn't share for every cover, but maybe one or 2.

John H. said...

Ah the devil !!!

All digital work...

:P :P

Great stuff though.

John H.

Scott Forbes said...

Oh, and was the top one a digital piece? Looks like acrylic; and also something Paolo Rivera's work (Marvel Mytho's).

Hopefully we will see this new work soon, is it covers? sequentials? im dieing of anticipation :)

John H. said...

The 2nd one is your version

of Julie Andrews after watching

"The Sound of Music"...

Bwaa haaa haaa haaaa :P

Or even worse... Heidi !!!!

John H.

sho said...

Genki? Tamami san mo genkidesuka? :) Nice discovering your blog , your art is beautiful as always , I also really enjoyed reading your comments ~ your writing makes me smile:)

Those pics are awesome as always. The second and the 4rth ones in this post are fan-tas-tic ;)I specially like "Orb" that one I could just be staring at forever.

Thanx for stopping by my blog & ur comments , you're too kind :)
Hope u don't mind me adding ur blog in my lix page ~!

Tamamu san ni yoroshikuneee ;)

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Wow! That blue bear kicks mucho asso! All of them are really cool. Oh and maybe I can help. what you learned was that you can kick ass in the digital realm.

Great stuff!

Alan said...

Thank you for sharing your work! I'm a big fan of all the comics you've done. I'll be sure to visit often.

Spud said...

all good but the landscape is my fav...love the concepty style.


Brian said...

Judging from these beautiful pieces when compared to what you do with pen and paper, I'd say that what you learned was that tools are a means for expressing your talent and not the talent itself.

That said, I think I speak for John H. and all the other original art collectors when I say don't give up the pen and paper.

Mark said...

Nice bear. You read Pullman's DARK MATERIALS?

mireldeyn said...

very cool drawings! my fave is definately the nymph :D... oh, and his dark materials is an awesome trilogy... so if you haven't, you should give it a go ;)... loking forward to more of your art as always!


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