Social Butterfly

Last week, I attempted to socialize by accepting an invitation to hang out in a bar and draw.

It is important to note that I don't go to bars and I don't care for drawing in public, but I figured I'd give it a shot to be friendly and maybe even spark some new kind of creativity.

What you see here are the forced-out drawings of a man consumed with the thought of going home, washing his hands, and joyfully eating some cereal alone.



Scott Forbes said...

Hahah! Looks like I got the first comment again! (Take THAT Skottie!)

J these look amazing! Are they just drawings or do these characters have a meaning (SBB?).

I like how you are using toned paper for your illustrations, allowing you to use black for shadows and white for highlights.

GRODZ! said...

Good for you man. Get out there and have cats jock your S#@! man. Keep up the good work.


Estlin said...

in the immortal words on inspector gadget:


I agree with Scott, loving the use of toned paper.

That second one is awesome. Love the reeds and the tats. And the hair of course.

As usual great work J.

C.B. Cebulski said...

You should draw in bars more often! :)

Jon Tsuei said...

Really nice pieces. I especially like the use of color in the first drawing.

Chris Sims said...

These are some pretty tight illos Josh, I'm just getting into the drawing on toned paper idea and these are total inspirations. Thanks a lot, bro!

Danny T said...

Does the art help in picking up any chicks?!?! :-)

Scott Forbes said...

He's married.

John H. said...

Those are some AMAZING 'forced out'


Dexter Vines said...

Hey Josh, for someone drawing in an uncomfortable place some good shit came out. I guess that's why your Crossgen and Marvel stuff was so good.


pbcbstudios said...

great stuff- really dig your work.


Danny T said...

My bad. Josh, Scott, I did not mean any disrespect. I like Josh's art just like everyone else here. What I wanted to know was - did the art attract the attention of some of the lady patrons, unwanted or otherwise? Did it at least serve as an icebreaker to meeting new people.

Anyways, I met you in Toronto the last two years, and you have always been friendly.

Scott Forbes said...

Haha no no, don't worry about it. But art in general (any artist) can use it to get chicks :) (probably!)

John H. said...

Bwaa haa haaa haaa !!!

I LOVE Dex's response.

What other 'uncomfortable' job

can we get Josh into ????

(For the sake of beautiful art...)


Did you know about Dex's Reese's

Peanut Butter Cup freshness test??

I wish I was closer to Phoenix...

:'( :P

Ted. said...

Damn Josh, that Flowergirl pic is blowing my mind.
I know Dave Johnson does some damn fine work in bars.
I agree that you should put yourself in odd situations more, maybe you'll find something new in your work.

Brian said...

The flower girl is amazing and your winged demon brings to mind Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia.

SajiNoKami said...

the blue one...
the flow of lines
it is almost alive
the lines look
like they want to move
the pallet
the warm sets
off the cool
in a most positive way

wish I had this much
success when I attempt
to be social

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