While attending a convention in Toronto recently, I tried to come up with some DC characters I'd enjoy drawing. Poison Ivy seemed to make sense- a female in leaves- so I did a couple of sketches, the face while seated at my booth, the figure down in the hotel lobby one evening. Neither one hits the mark, but it was a start. I'd definitely play her as more of a forest nymph than a lady in a leafy bathing suit, but it may not matter in the end because I still managed to lose interest before even finishing these sketches. I think I am simply happier drawing actual forest nymphs than shoehorning a Batman villian into the role.

Who knows, maybe someday.



Scott Forbes said...

I like your interpretation of Ivy, I never believed a woman who is in love with nature... to wear a synthetic bathing suit! The idea of her being a nymph would much rather make her more believable!

But I still can't rid my mind of Batman and Robin! AHHHHHHHHH!

Estlin said...

That all said, J, I still think the branch is dope! ANd I love the eye brows!

Ben Pixen said...

I like this a lot. You could always see if they'd let you do something like taking the Batman world and making it more fantasy like. In seperate continuity, of course.

Mazzageo said...

seeing this image make me think it would be cool to have you produce an adaptation of shakespeares "a midsummer night's dream" hey even a folio book or box with only several key illo's accompanied by the script would be great.

dustin said...

man, this is probably the coolest ivy ive ever seen.

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