An orb on a wire makes me joyful

The bottom image is another excuse to try out some more dust-laden art materials, this time acrylic paint, and the top image was drawn as a reaction to having "painted" the first image. I was trying to force something with the first thing and gave up early. I learned a few things, but mostly just that I am not a painter. Anyway, I couldn't end on that note so I cleaned up the desk and started over.

There is no logic to the orb girl, which is one reason I am happy with it. I am a painfully logical person, obsessed with reason and sense, which makes creating dynamic, imaginative art very difficult at times. Writing stories about goblins and faeries can be borderline traumatic. My obsessive nature comes in handy when line drawing, however, so if I ever do manage to let my imagination go, hopefully I will be able to capture it cleanly.

That's the goal, anyway.



Scott Forbes said...

Wow :| just wow! Both of these images are very powerful! The orb girl is rather interesting to me; is she just an idea or is she part of a story?

You definitely are a painter; that one reminds me of James Jean's Artwork.

Estlin said...

Orb girl is wonderful. I love the blue.

Someone else mentioned Miyazaki earlier on here, i think the painted image reminds me of Haku from Spirited Away.

Yeah, you not being a painter...hahaha, I'd hate to see what you think you're good at! ;) This stuff is great.

dutch treat said...

wow! nice to see u here! im a big fan of your work, so I'll be checking this blog from time to time! :D

great sketches man, the painted one, looks quite cool, A lil more rouch then im used to see by you, but its always good to experiment with different techniques!


http:// no26.deviantart.com

Mazzageo said...

the tarzan like image is cool for some reason it reminds me of kyle bakers work. it's all great work Josh.

Dylan said...

Love the Orb Girl great design.

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks, everybody. I'm going to do my best to keep experimenting and pushing myself to improve, and will continue to post the results here. Your comments are always appreciated.


Ashley Woods said...

haha!!! "painfully logical, 'eh?" u sound like my boyfriend... i'll introduce him to you next time you're in chicago.

Rocky Howard said...

Painfully logical? Person with excessive needs of reason and sense? You sound a lot like me Josh.


I've loved your art since Day 1 and I was fully enamored of it since I saw that Psylocke image for the cover of the X-Men Unlimited. The love was further cemented with those New Mutants covers.

I like the Tarzan image. The colors are very...colorful and I like the shading a lot.

You just got yourself a new reader for your blog, so keep up the good work.

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