A is for Alice

So I am testing the waters with an online journal. I have come across so many wonderful artists sharing their work and their thoughts in this way, that I have decided to jump in myself with the hope that some folks will enjoy whatever it is I bring to the table, and also to motivate myself to create and share more personal work by giving it an immediate forum.

For those of you already familiar with my work in comics and illustration, this might be a place to see work that isn't necessarily destined for publication elsewhere; a peek behind the curtain through sketches and scribbles, or maybe the occasional stroll through the dark recesses of my portfolios, where plenty of unseen art resides, just waiting to embarass me. It might also be a way for me to work out ideas simply be throwing them out there to see how it feels.

For example, this little Alice sketch was drawn one day as an escape from my professional responsibilities, and I am certain I enjoyed drawing her simple figure more than the sum total of whatever project I was working on at the time. That tells me a big change is long overdue, and I intend to make it. This blog then might serve as a record of my progress as I attempt to improve as an illustrator and create work closer to my heart. Whatever this turns out to be, I will continue to be inspired by the many artists sharing their craft with me, and I'll do my best to make this place worthwhile.

Thanks for stopping by.



mireldeyn said...

i love this piece... i think mainly for the sad quality about her. keep up the great work and keep on creating


Brian said...

You had me at "sketches."

hxero said...

I'a a BIG fan

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