Bring it!

This was an attempt to draw something with some guts, but I wasn't quite patient enough to do it right. It started as a simple blue-line pencil drawing, but as soon as it looked like something, I decided to experiment a little with some drawing tools that have been gathering dust. I love researching and buying the very best art materials I can find, thinking I will someday find the discipline and patience to sit down and finish a proper piece of art with all of my awesome new tools, but in the end my awesome new tools are usually ornamental.

I learned to color on the computer and am spoiled by the endless experimentation it allows. Further, I am quite obsessive and very much enjoy the clinical perfection coloring on a machine provides. Most of the time I don't want to see the process I utilized in the finished piece, and hand coloring makes that very difficult. Then again, I am not very good at hand coloring, so that could be the problem. I suppose I need to keep dusting off my awesome implements and practice more often. But I won't be unplugging the machine any time soon.

Anyway, this one is all over the place drawing-wise, but it captured enough of the emotion I was after that I am now able to go to bed.



Estlin said...

I like the blades in this one. I like the 'rusty' tones throughout it all.

I think the mouth looks a little too happy to be 'gutsy'. Everything else looks determined/tough, but her mouth almost seems like it could break into that manga smile any second.

skottie young said...

great energy in the colors. it's great the at you gave the colors an angle, that really helps give the piece some movement . What tools did you use exactly. makers? colored pencils? water colors? all of the above?

i see the 5a.m. stamp on the post. My man is back in la la reverse time land...haha.


Scott Forbes said...

This is great Josh, it looks as if it was done on the PC but it is all natural! I am envious at how well you generate a certain tone with the paint (something that I lack greatly).

Keep posting!

Mazzageo said...

I love the raw quality, its very powerful ... it reminds me of some of the illos I've seen in the nausicaa illustration book by Miyazaki

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks guys-

This was drawn with blue pencil, inked with the Staedtler brush pen, colored with the only colored pencils I have at the moment, a 24-color Derwent watercolor pencil set. The color selection is really limited, so I did layers of light colors allowing the colors to blend and create the final hue. I used a little bit of water to soften the strokes primarily on the dress. When I couldn't do anything else to it, I scanned it and tweaked the hue just a little in Photoshop to accent the reds/oranges. I was tempted to go to town with Photoshop trickery, but I let it go.


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