Assemble the machine

Just a fragment. I've never taken the time to properly warm-up before tackling an image, but I have decided to make an effort, and this image is one of those warm-ups. Let's see if I can avoid injury tonight now that I am limbered up.



Chris Sims said...

Nice blog you have hear Josh. Your style is so unique and refreshing. You lay done some beautiful lines and colors and I can't wait to see what you will bless us with next. Keep em coming!

BTW, That Poison Ivy is PERFECT!

skottie young said...

This piece makes me proud to call you a friend. Her facial expression has got to be the best one i've ever seen you do. the eyes are so big, and cartoony....FUCK...i love it. her mouth is fantastic as well. wow, that's about all i can say. hey, Scott Forbes, you were defeated out of the first post...you're slippin'.

Joshua Middleton said...

When the king of cartoony gives me praise, I know I am breaking through. Thanks, Skottie!

And he got you, Forbes!

Thanks also to Chris. I am enjoying this journal, so I there will be plenty more to come.


Scott Forbes said...

Don't you artists sleep? I know you were the one who put those pills in my drink last night and you still only got 2nd post! haha :P pathetic

I really like the image. the expression is what really gets me; is this traditional? It looks like you brought it into Adobe and used the cut out filter... hmmm great job (as usual).

Scott Forbes said...

BTW Josh, I colored the girl with the orb :S I dont know if you want to see it but I did color her.

Estlin said...

nice eyes on this one! i agree with skottie.

Pipocalavera said...

greetings from Spain, you got a lot of fans here.

Nice work.

I Love the asiatic girl in the previous post.

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Oh hell yes! I'm a Johnny come lately on this blog. I just found it tonite. I'm so excited about it. You made my night!

Of course, beautiful stuff! Very!

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Oh, you just started. Yeah... I see what you did.

dustin said...

wow! yuou shoudl really consider doing this stuff for a living!

Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks, sugartastic_d_slim, and yes, you haven't missed a thing. You are right there on the ground floor with me.

And Dustin...Well, well, look what the cat dragged in. I love those red faces on your site, though the shower curtain is some of your best work.


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