Arizona bound

Hey Folks,

I neglected to mention that I will be a guest at the Phoenix Cactus Comicon this weekend. As such, I am heading out for Arizona tomorrow morning. I'll be sure to post any new doodles I come up with while I am away as soon as I return. Of course, if anyone happens to be in the Phoenix area, please swing by the show and say hello!




Scott Forbes said...

Sweet! Have fun at the Convention. And make sure you do post some of those doodles :)

Mike...'s mum said...

Didn't know Cacti had comic conventions... :P

Hey Josh - are you looking to stay with comics (rumour has it you're on a 2 year exclusive contract with DC, but I thought that was coming to a close?) as an art medium, or looking more towards illustrated books, movie concepts (saw you on the credits for 'Serenity'), video games and what-not?

Estlin said...

have fun in arizona. doodle away.

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