Another Alice with a side of Bugs

While I am at it, here is another Alice, this time closer to her Disney incarnation, along with some rabbits. Because I had bunnies on the brain, Bugs bounced in there.



Scott Forbes said...

Im gonna warn ya, ill be probably the first one commenting on these... hah!

These are great! I am guessing you did a Alice of Wonderland back story. My shopkeeper said he is getting a copy in next week!

I am glad you are showing your sketches here, as it is a side of your work we don't see much of. Hopefully you will be posting some SBB sketches, cover prelims and more ;)

Plus it's great to see bugs in there too ;)

Estlin said...

Cool! I love the expression on Alice's face in this one. Wonderful.

And apparently you can't keep Bugs down eh?

Snapper said...

the rabbit looks brilliant. you have some amazing images on your page!!

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